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Cheap Hotels New YorkCompare cheap hotels in New York for great deals with CompareTravel. The United States of America will bring out the child in every visitor! The home of Mickey Mouse, the Big Mac, Coca Cola and The Simpsons, the USA is magical in every way! Disneyland and Universal Studios in Florida, Sea World in San Diego, Legoland in California, Hershey’s Chocolate World in Pennsylvania, Yellowstone Park in Wyoming, The Space Centre in Houston and The National Zoo and Museum of National History in Washington are just some of the wondrous attractions that make the USA the best family holiday location on the planet!

Those of a slightly older generation will be thrilled by the Las Vegas Strip in Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Niagara Falls waterfalls (which border Ontario, Canada and New York, USA), the Statue of Liberty, Central Park and Times Square in New York, the White House in Washington, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francesco, the Florida Keys in Florida and the very active Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii.

Add in the unusual, strange and downright bizarre attractions along the infamous, nearly four thousand kilometre, Route 66 highway, including the Chain of Rocks Bridge in St Louis, the Cadillac Ranch in Texas, the Wigwam Motels in Arizona and the Blue Whale of Catoosa, Giant Milk Bottle and Totem Pole Park in Oklahoma, and you get a feeling for just how much the USA has to offer, whether you are staying put in the likes of Florida or holidaying by camper van along the highway!

The USA also represents fast food heaven for many, with American diners offering dishes to make your taste buds explode with satisfaction! Gigantic hot dogs, triple-decker burgers, golden southern fried chicken and juicy spare ribs smothered in rich sauce, all washed down with a bottle of thirst-quenching coca cola (or Pepsi!) are just some of the more common treats on offer.

Those seeking the more exotic can try Cajun, Tex-Mex or Creole cuisine. Wine lovers will also be surprised at the choice of quality, American produced wines available. Amazingly, there are over three thousand vineyards in the USA, however, the most popular wine growing region is California, where nearly ninety percent of the country’s wine originates. Wine tasting tours of the Napa Valley in California can be experienced by bicycle, car, limo, train, hot air balloon or horseback!

The USA has become increasingly popular as a shopping holiday destination, with stores like Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Sears, JC Penny, Forever 21, Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue…and not forgetting Wal-Mart, to choose from, as well as having some of the biggest shopping malls in the world, including the massive 3.5 million sq ft Mall of America in Minnesota, the 2.8 million sq ft King of Prussia Mall in Philadelphia and the 2.5 million sq ft Destiny USA Mall in New York!

If you are all shopped out, a seat at any one of the country’s many American Football stadiums to cheer along the likes of The Chicago Bears or The Dallas Cowboys would be a truly uniquely American experience! Equally American and thrilling would be a visit to a basketball match, where you might get the chance to see The Harlem Globetrotters slam dunk another score! Ice hockey and Nascar car racing are also popular American sporting attractions for the visitor to experience.

Festival lovers will be spoilt for choice in the USA with literally hundreds of major festivals taking place each year, including the creepy Halloween Festival of the Dead in Salem, the colourful Albuquerque International Balloon Festival in New Mexico, the Music City Festival in Nashville, the tasty Food and Wine Classic in Colorado, and the world’s largest popular musical festival in Milwaukee, called Summerfest, when up to one million people have been known to attend over the annual eleven day music event! So order those American dollars right now and visit, not only the city, but the country that never, ever sleeps. Review cheap hotels New York online & save, we hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable trip!

New York city hotel travel guide

Compare New York HotelsNew York is the largest populated city in the USA and does everything on a grand scale to keep its nine million inhabitants…and tourists very, very happy! The city itself is divided up into the five mini states or boroughs of Manhattan (with its stunning skyscraper skyline), Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island. The first point of call for many visitors to ‘The Big Apple’ tends to be Times Square, which attracts nearly forty million visitors each year…so claustrophobics need not apply! Times Square is known internationally for its colourful illuminated billboards/signs and of course its annual New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Times Square leads off to another iconic part of New York City, Broadway, the theatre capital of the world. Broadway is home to forty wonderful theatres, including The Ambassador Theatre, The Broadway Theatre, The Gershwin Theatre and The Majestic Theatre. Popular long-running Broadway shows include Chicago, Les Miserable’s, The Loin King, The Phantom of The Opera, Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia and Wicked. Broadway theatres typically attract twelve million patrons every year…so make sure to pre-book you ticket in advance!

The most famous city park in the world is New York’s Central Park, which is a great oasis of tranquillity for those who need to escape the never-ending ‘vibrancy’ of the city that supposedly never sleeps! This massive park covers an area of nearly eight hundred and fifty acres and attracts over thirty-seven million visitors annually. The park is filled with manmade lakes/ponds, walking/running trails/paths/tracks, ice skating rinks, a zoo, amphitheatre, wooded areas, children’s playgrounds and so much more!

New York is the ultimate shopping destination for many visitors. World famous stores like Bloomingdales, Tiffany and Co, The Apple Store, Macy’s, Toy’s R Us, The Disney Store, Abercrombie and Fitch and Saks Fifth Avenue. The city’s premier shopping street is Fifth Avenue. Another great way of spending a few hours in this amazing city is to immerse yourself in one of the many passionate basketball, American football, ice hockey or baseball games, where you can shout along to wonderfully named teams such as The New York Yankees, Buffalo Bills, New York Knicks, New York Mets and the Buffalo Sabres.

1. Empire State Building: Famous for its role in Hollywood blockbusters, King Kong and Sleepless in Seattle, this iconic building has over one hundred floors and climbs nearly four hundred metres into the sky! Its observation decks offer stunning views across the city and over one hundred and ten million people have visited the decks to-date.

2. The Statue of Liberty: Probably the most recognisable attraction in the world, this forty-six metre high statue is perched on Liberty Island and typically attracts over three million visitors each year. Although the statue is free to enter there is a charge for the ferry across to the island. Daily access to the statue’s crown is limited and tickets should be booked way in advance.

3. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: The biggest art museum in the USA, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has over two million exhibits on display including items from Africa, Egypt, Asia, Greece, Rome, a number of Islamic countries and of course America. Paintings, photographs, books, musical instruments, sculptures, drawings and costumes are just some of the wonders on display. The museum is one of the most visited attractions in the USA, with over five million visitors passing through its doors each year.

4. Grand Central Terminal: Famous rail terminal seen in countless movies including Men in Black and Around the World in Eighty Days, this enormous terminal is spread out over nearly fifty acres! As well as marvelling at the building’s awesome interior (including its painted planetarium-like ceiling, restaurants and shops/markets), keep an eye out for the clock on the entrance wall, which is the largest tiffany glass item ever made.

5. The Museum of Modern Art: One of the most impressive modern art galleries in the world, the gallery contains works by Van Gogh, Cezanne, Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Bacon, Monet and Matisse. The museum is free to enter on Fridays after 4’oclock and typically attracts up to three million visitors each year.

6. The Brooklyn Bridge: Massive nineteenth century suspension bridge carrying vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists nearly two thousand metres across the East River. The bridge is perched over eighty-four metres above sea level. Other attractions include the Radio City Music Hall, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, the Chrysler Building, the Rockefeller Centre and the GE Building.