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Ferries – Our aim is to find you the best deals by comparing ferry prices across all European routes. Plan your business trip or leisure getaway using our secure online search engine. Booking a cheap ferry has never been so easy, compare timetables, routes and facilities in just a few clicks. Review ferry fares on all available sailings today and save. Compare ferry rates from Irish Ferries, Brittany Ferries, Celtic Link, Stena Line, Norfolkline, Steam Packet, Fastnet Line and P&O Ferries. Review routes from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Isle of Man, England, Northern Ireland and France for cheap prices.

Travel advice, before travelling abroad we would highly recommend reading up on your holiday destination, so that you are familiar with the customs, laws, transport and amenities. We have highlighted some holiday advice relating to travel documents and money, health precautions, driving abroad, electric equipment, security advice and what to do in case of emergency below for you to review.

Travel documents and money – Ensure you take a photocopy of important travel documents such as your passport, tickets, travel visas, holiday insurance, credit card numbers, itinerary and emergency contact details. Keep one copy with you at all times and leave the originals in a secure location i.e. hotel safe. Alternatively you may wish to take a close up photo of these documents and store them on your mobile phone.

Passports – Ensure your passport is valid before travelling. If you’re travelling with children check that their passports are up to date. Most European countries now require children to hold their own passport where previously children could travel on their parents. Check with the Embassy of your destination country to confirm.

If your passport is out of date we would suggest you apply as early as possible to the passport office. The Dublin office is located at Frederick Buildings, Molesworth Street, Dublin 2. Telephone 00353 1 671 1633. The Cork office is located at 1a South Mall, Cork. Telephone  00353 21 494 4700. They also have a 24 hour recorded information line 00353 1 679 7600 and out of hours emergency service 00353 1 478 0822. Certain countries now require that you hold a valid passport for up to 6 months after your departure, so check with the embassy to find out more information. Irish citizens will require a valid passport to travel abroad with the exception of individuals travelling to the UK. However you will need valid a photo ID such as a driving licence to enter the UK.

Travel visas – Some destinations will require you to have a valid visa before entering the country. It would be advisable to check with the embassy or your airline to confirm. Always apply well in advance for a visa to avoid delays.

Travel insurance – We would advise that you purchase travel insurance before travelling abroad or as soon as you book your flights and hotel. Travel insurance will cover you for medical expenses, missed departure, cancelled flights and lost baggage. Most travel insurance providers will offer you a discount if you have health insurance depending on the type of policy you hold, check with the insurer to confirm and always read the policy wording carefully. If you are travelling within Europe we would recommend that you apply for a EHIC (European Health Insurance Card.) This card will entitle you to emergency medical treatment in public hospitals. You should be able to apply for this card online through the Irish Health Board, the EHIC is free. However this is not an alternative to a travel insurance policy.

Money – You should be able to use your ATM card in most countries, however we would advise that you check with your bank to confirm. When abroad we recommend that you leave your valuables in a hotel safe and only take a small amount of cash out with you and avoid unnecessary displays of wealth. Ensure you know the telephone number for your bank should you need to call them to cancel your card in the event that your credit card has been stolen or misplaced.

Health precautions – When travelling abroad it would be advisable to consult with your GP to confirm what type of precautions you need to take before travelling. This is important if you need certain vaccinations or if you have a pre-existing medical condition. Ensure you have an adequate supply of medication if you have a medical condition and ask your doctor to supply you with a letter confirming your condition and medication in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency abroad. Certain vaccinations will be required before travelling to countries with a high rate of Malaria, Cholera, Hepatitis A and typhoid so consult with your doctor or the Tropical Medical Bureau (TMB) before travelling.

Food and water – When travelling abroad be very careful of food and water. Be sensible and take precautions before trying new food. Only consume food that has been cooked thoroughly, ensure that all vegetables and fruits consumed are washed and peeled. Stay clear of undercooked shell fish. When dining out seek recommendations from hotel staff and pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the restaurant or café. Be sensible when buying food from market stalls and road side hackers. Water supplies from taps in foreign countries may not be drinkable. Only drink from trusted sources, if in doubt buy bottled water. Bottled water should also be used to wash your teeth, better to be safe than sorry.

Driving abroad – Don’t forget if you are planning on renting a car for your holidays ensure you bring a valid driving license and that your motor insurance will cover you while abroad. Certain countries may require an International driving permit, check with the relevant embassy to confirm. It would also be advisable to shop around for a cheap car hire excess policy which will cover you for the excess amount in the event your rental car is involved in an accident. The excess may range from €500 to €2500.

Electrical equipment – Ensure you are aware of the different electric voltage and sockets before travelling. Consult with travel guides or the internet to establish the details. You should be able to pick up adapters in most super markets, airports and pharmacies.

Mobile phones – Don’t forget your charger and ensure that it will work in the country you are travelling to. Always consult your mobile phone company to confirm charges and fees that are applicable while travelling, as roaming and making calls abroad can be expensive.

Security advice – A majority of Irish holiday makers enjoy a trouble and stress free leisure break. Stay safe and become familiar with surroundings, customs, political developments and local traditions that may affect you. Be careful of people acting suspiciously, pick-pockets and keep your valuables out of sight. If you have expensive jewelry we would recommend that you leave this at home. And avoid isolated areas at night.

Obey the customs and laws, respect traditions and local dress codes. Always ask before taking photographs of locals, police, soldiers or military buildings. Do not buy or use illegal drugs while abroad, penalties and prison terms can be quite severe. Always pack your own bags and never leave your bag unattended. Respect local alcohol laws and finally drink sensibly.

In case of an emergency – Ensure you take note of the travel insurance medical assistance number and local embassy number should you need to contact them. First thing to do in an emergency is to contact your travel insurance company and then your family or friends to let them know the situation. If you wish to contact the Irish Embassy or the Department of Foreign affairs, you should be able to find contact details online, take a note of them before you travel. Department of Foreign affairs telephone number is 01 408 2000 or 00353 1 408 2000 from outside Ireland.

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