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Travel Insurance Comparison

Get cheap travel insurance quotes in Ireland for your trip abroad. Holiday insurance will cover missed departure, cancellation, medical expenses, flight delays, lost baggage, and much more. Review insurance providers for great deals. Whether you’re travelling to London for a romantic weekend or Ibiza with your friends, compare travel insurance and save today.

What is holiday insurance?

Holiday insurance covers you, your partner and your family for unexpected financial and medical risks that could result in loss of money or additional costs, such as flight cancellation, delayed departure, emergency medical expenses and baggage and passport loss. There are three main types of holiday insurance. Single-trip, annual travel insurance & extended stay travel Insurance. Compare quotes today to find the best travel insurance option for you and your family.

What does travel insurance cover

Holiday insurance covers travel, financial and medical issues that may arise during your trip. These include lost or delayed baggage and passport, flight cancellation, curtailment and delayed departure. The travel policy will also cover medical expenses, hospital benefits and personal liability. Refer to the travel insurer’s schedule for a complete list of benefits.

Compare Travel Insurance Policies

Several different types of holiday insurance are available, so ensure you buy the cover that suits your trip and duration. See details below:

  1. Single-trip travel insurance will generally cover you for a one-off trip.
  2. Annual travel insurance, also known as multi-trip travel insurance, will cover you for numerous trips within 365 days.
  3. Winter sports travel insurance will cover you for winter destination activities such as snowboarding and skiing.
  4. Backpacker travel insurance, also known as extended stay insurance, will generally cover you for up to 12 months to travel abroad. Some insurers now cover light manual work.
  5. Business trip insurance will cover you and your equipment for business trips.

Always read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure you understand what your policy includes. Thank you for visiting our travel insurance comparison website. Compare cheap holiday insurance quotes today for great online deals!

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