Cheap hotels in Rome

Compare cheap Rome hotels for great deals with Compare Travel. Italy is possibly the most awe-inspiring country on the planet. Italians are passionate about almost everything they do, so it is no surprise that the country has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

It isn’t to turn a corner in this magnificent city without seeing the effects of Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Christopher Columbus, Marco Polo, Galileo and Julius Caesar. And when you add in the country’s pleasant Mediterranean climate, with average temperatures between twenty and thirty degrees in the summer. You can see why over forty-five million tourists visit Italy each year!


Things to do during your hotel stay in Rome

With the city’s Mediterranean climate attracting wonderfully hot average highs, hitting over thirty degrees during the summer, the best way to discover the city’s monumental sights is on foot. Those more adventurous can go by rented Segway or on a supervised city bike tour!

Tourist attractions

The famous attractions include the Coliseum, Roman Forum and Trevi Fountain in Rome and The Santa Maria del Fiore Basilica in Florence. Not to forget St. Mark’s Square and the gondola, bridges and canals of Venice, the Greek temples in Paestum, the aftermath of the volcano in Pompeii and the Piazza del Campo square in Siena. Other attractions worth seeing are the Leaning Tower in Pisa, the Catacombs of the Capuchins in Sicily and, of course, the Vatican City, a tiny state nestled snugly inside Rome with its impressive St Peter’s Square, Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museums.

Day trip from Rome

Everyone mentions Rome, Venice and Florence as the ‘must-see’ cities when visiting Italy, but many other places are worth discovering. Some of these include a stunningly scenic drive along the Amalfi Coast, a boat trip on the enormous Lake Como in the Italian Lake District, skiing in the Alpine region or some relaxing sunbathing on a beach on the Italian Riviera. And if that isn’t enough, how about some offshore exploration by visiting the country’s beautiful islands, including Sardinia, Capri, Sicily, Elba and the volcanic island of Stromboli?

Rome’s gastronomic delights

The country is renowned for its gastronomic delights. Where would we be without Pizza, Spaghetti Bolognese, Lasagne, Bruschetta, Ciabatta, Salami, Prosciutto, Minestrone, Cannelloni, Ravioli, Pancetta, Carbonara, Gorgonzola, Mascarpone, Parmesan, Risotto, Panettone and Tiramisu? If you fancy a juicy bottle of wine, some of the world’s most excellent wines can be discovered in the popular wine-growing regions. Wine sampling tours have become very popular in Italy, where wine lovers can have a few sips of luscious wines, including Barolo, Chianti, Amarone and Soave!

Shopping in Rome

Shopping in Rome can be a real treat, particularly if you want leather jackets, bags, belts or shoes. Via Condotti and Via Borgnona are two of the more popular shopping streets. At the same time, Campo de Fiori and Porta Potese are two colourful markets worth visiting. Italy is one of the most popular places on the planet and has many world-famous designer labels to invest in if you fancy a significant shopping spree during your visit. Italian leather goods are always popular for those on a slightly smaller budget and offer great value for money, from wallets and handbags to belts and jackets.

Italy is soccer-mad, and the lucky football enthusiast may be able to get match tickets to see any of the country’s iconic football teams, including Fuentes, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Roma. The world-famous Giro d’Italia bike race and the Italian Grand Prix at Monza are also big sporting attractions. We compare the best deals in Rome, Bologna, Florence, Milan, Naples, and Venice, to name just a few of our top Italian destinations. Find and compare cheap Rome hotels for the best online deals. Thank you for visiting our hotel comparison site. We hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable trip. Compare car hire for your trip to Rome and save.

Best tourist attractions in Rome

Rome, the capital city of Italy, has to be the most dramatic in the world. Built on seven hills, with the river Tiber flowing through its centre, Rome is breathtaking no matter which street or Piazza you find yourself on. Review our top tourist attractions below.