Tips for the Cheapest Car Rental

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Find the best car rental deals

Are you searching for the cheapest car rental deal? The most straightforward task in arranging that well-earned break is booking the holiday. The extras, like travel insurance, additional baggage surcharges and airport parking fees, can cause grief!

Perhaps the biggest challenge is renting a car, which gives you the power to take transport matters into your own hands, meaning you don’t have to depend on public transport as you exit the airport at your holiday destination.

Your best bet is to research car hire options online to protect yourself against any add-ons in the car rental company’s terms and conditions, such as expensive car hire, excess insurance policy, extras, for example, a sat-nav or a baby seat and the rental companies’ policy on fuel etc.

You need to ensure that you know exactly what is covered in the cost of your car rental package and what is not. Cheap car hire tips to review before booking your next rental.

Fuel policy

Consider choosing a fuel policy that allows you to refill the car before returning to the rental agency at the end of your trip. This way, you can source the cheapest fuel and not pay the price charged at the rental desk.

What is included

Many travellers expect their car rental package to cover them for basics like damage to the car, being unfortunate enough to have the vehicle stolen, etc. Typically, the package will cover these essentials. However, there may be a high excess clause. Some items, like damage to windscreens and tyres, are generally not covered, so check the terms and conditions. Consider booking a car hire excess insurance policy before you travel.

Shop around

Compare prices online. Shop around to get a cheaper car hire package. You may be surprised at how much you could save. Remember, small or compact cars are not always the most affordable as they are always in high demand.

Research, research & research

The best way to ensure that you are covered for all the above and to avoid any financial shocks is to preplan your car rental and book a policy that covers you for every possible occurrence. Don’t wait until you arrive at the airport car rental desk to rent the limited and expensive car packages available.

Damage to car hire

Damage to your car rental. Ask the rental agent to examine the rental before hiring the car and after you return the keys. If you have caused damage, take photographic evidence for your records.

Book in advance

To get a maximum discount, booking your car during the off-peak season for your holiday is always advisable. There are typically better deals on offer during the low season. Compare different dates to see how much you can save.

Avoid extras

Again, savvy travellers should avoid niggling extras like a roof rack or a child car seat by simply bringing their own extras. Extra features such as a sat-nav can be expensive. Find the best car rental deals online today and save!